Painted Trapezoidal sheet prices, Painted Trapezoidal Sheet weights

Boyalı çatı sacı

Trapezoidal sheets are actually two different types. Exterior cladding trapezoidal sheets and Concrete trapezoidal sheets. Trapezoidal sheets are also produced from galvanized coil sheets, either as exterior cladding or as the use of trapezoidal sheet metal under concrete. The prices of Trapezoidal sheets, which are roofing materials, consist of galvanized coil sheets and the processing costs afterward. Galvanized coil sheet pricesYou can access it from the relevant section of our website. The fact that they can also be produced from colored sheets is a reason for preference in the exterior and roof coverings of steel buildings in terms of aesthetics. They are long-lasting because they are made of trapezoidal sheet galvanized or painted sheets. It is suitable for corrosion and different weather conditions. They are produced from DX51 quality galvanized sheets. in different thicknesses and sizes in our Istanbul trapezoidal sheet production facility. trapezoidal sheet We can manufacture.

Painted Trapezoidal sheet prices

Trapezoidal sheet prices vary according to the thickness of the galvanized sheet to be used, the color code of the painted galvanized sheet, the dimensions of the trapezoidal sheet and the dimensions of the trapezoidal sheet. For trapezoidal sheet prices, you can check the galvanized sheet prices on our website.

Painted sheets have different usage areas. Its most common use is roofing and siding. In roof covering, it is generally preferred as non-panel, that is, painted trapezoidal sheet. By mounting the painted sheets in trapezoidal form, it protects the steel structure or your building against adverse climatic conditions such as rain, heating from sunlight, cold weather and snow. Painted sheets are also used in the manufacture of roof panels and facade panels. Painted panel sheets and painted trapezoidal sheets are the same products. The difference between the painted trapeze and the painted panel is that the panel material is covered with polyurethane material.

Boyalı çatı sacı
Painted roof sheet

Painted Trapezoidal Sheet Gebze , Painted Trapezoidal Sheet İstanbul

Colored sheet production is made using galvanized coils. The galvanized coating of the galvanized sheets used in the production of painted sheet metal is generally preferred as 100 gr / m2. The atmospheric strength of 100 gr/m2 galvanized sheets is stated as 50 years on average. With its coating with galvanized sheet paint, its lifespan approaches 100 years. The paint on the painted sheet provides both the protection of the sheet material from harsh climatic conditions and an aesthetic appearance. Paint is coated on one side by passing the rolled galvanized sheet through the painted roller. After the tinted sheet production, the tinted coil sheets are taken to the trapezoidal line and shaped in accordance with the desired trapezoidal form. For example, painted trapezoidal sheets shaped according to the 27/200 form are generally 80 cm in width.

Painted Trapezoidal sheet prices

There are many factors that determine the prices of prepainted Trapezoidal sheet. The main factors determining the prices of prepainted Trapezoidal sheet are;

  • Galvanized sheet thickness
  • Galvanized sheet width
  • Galvanized sheet coating thickness
  • Galvanized sheet prices
  • PPGI color selection
  • PPGI coating thickness
  • PPGI paint prices
  • trapezoidal shape
  • Trapeze length

countable. Painted Trapezoidal sheet The production environment must be clean while manufacturing. Any foreign substance that will scratch the paint can cause deformation of the surface. The reason for swelling or problems on the painted Trapezoidal sheet surface may not be due to the paint alone. The galvanized sheet used may also be the result of getting wet before being painted or exposed to a similar rust-forming effect. First quality galvanized coil sheet should be preferred so that the paint of the painted sheet does not swell and spill. In the painted trapezoidal sheets made using second quality galvanized sheet, spilling of the paint, swelling of the paint and deterioration on the surface of the painted sheet may occur in the future. The mold used in the trapezoidal line should not scratch the sheet metal surface. If the sheet surface is scratched in the trapezoidal drawing machine, that product should be set aside as a faulty product and should not be shipped to the customer.

Painted Trapezoidal sheet form dimensions

Painted Trapezoidal sheets are produced in several different sizes. The most commonly used measure is 27/200. The reason why it is called 27/200 trapezoidal sheet is that the trapezoidal sheet height is 27 mm and the pitch width is 200 mm. In the picture below, 27/200 trapezoidal sheet dimensions are given.

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  • 27/200 Painted Trapezoidal sheet
  • 38/151 Painted Trapezoidal sheet
  • 40/245 Painted Trapezoidal sheet
  • 55/300 Painted Trapezoidal sheet
  • 56/180 Painted Trapezoidal sheet
Boyalı Trapez sac
Painted Trapezoidal sheet

Painted Trapezoidal sheet weights

Thickness (mm) 1 meter weight Plate Weight (kg./Plk.)
2000mm. 3000mm. 4000mm.
0.30mm 2,380 kg 4,760 kg 7,140 kg 9,520 kg
0.35mm 2,530 kg 5.060 kg 7,590 kg 10.120 kg
0.40mm 2,930 kg 5,860 kg 8,790 kg 11,720 kg
0.45mm 3,340 kg 6,680 kg 10,020 kg 13,360 kg
0.50mm 3.750 kg 7.500 kg 11.250 kg 15,000 kg
0.55mm 4.365 kg 8,730 kg 13,095 kg 17,460 kg
0.60mm 4,980 kg 9,960 kg 14,940 kg 19,920 kg
0.70mm 5,770 kg 11,540 kg 17,310 kg 23,080 kg
0.80mm 6,560 kg 13.120 kg 19,680 kg 26,240 kg
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