Galvanized steel prices

Galvanized steel prices

The use of Galvanized Steel has started to increase in recent years. The main usage areas of galvanized steel consumption are: automotive industry, light steel constructions, traffic signs and signs, building interior and exterior parts, PVC door window sector, ship industry, etc. We can give examples from many industries.

Galvanized is one of the coating methods to protect steel. Galvanization coating technique is also important as coating will extend the life of the steel. Galvanized steel prices depend on the amount of zinc applied on the galvanized steel material and the steel price. Galvanized coaters buy the zinc material used in galvanizing as ingots. Galvanized steel prices it also depends on the amount of zinc used here. If you are going to order galvanized steel coils, you should first check the prices of cold rolled coils. Since galvanized coil sheet prices are made by coating cold rolled coil sheets, these sheets, which are their raw materials, are the determining factor in the price.

galvaniz çelik
galvanized steel

Galvanized sheet prices how is it changing?

Sheet metal prices are determined in dollars in our country and all over the world. For example, American steel prices are determined in usd/mtons. Chinese steel prices are the same. Steel sales prices are determined in dollars, since all the producers in the world receive their raw material costs in dollar unit prices. Although this situation is defined as euro in the European region, some steel producers give euro unit prices in USD.

Galvanized sheet prices, that is, galvanized steel prices, also change in dollars according to the change in steel prices. We can understand this situation better when we consider that the sale of zinc ingots, which is the raw material of galvanization, is also done in dollars. Turkish steel prices are calculated by multiplying the TL unit price with the dollar rate. Since a variable exchange rate is applied in our country, the price of galvanized sheet varies according to the dollar exchange rate of the day. Galvanized steel pricesYou can always keep up-to-date on our website.a

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