Colored Roofing and Facade Metal Cladding, Trapezoidal sheet application

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Colored Roofing and Facade Metal Cladding, Trapezoidal sheet application

Colored Roofing Trapezoidal sheets are affordable materials used in roofing and facade cladding applications, whether they are colored or only galvanized.

Although there are companies that can sell trapezoidal sheets in meters, the unit prices of sheets are calculated as usd/ton. Roofing material Trapezoidal sheets are sold in TL/ton, not kg/m2. If you want to have a roofing application, first of all trapezoidal sheet pricesWe recommend that you learn the calculation of . The same is true for facade cladding.

Colored Roofing and Facade Cladding

Colorful roofing As a material, trapezoidal sheets are usually produced in colors such as white, red or blue. Color codes of painted trapezoidal sheets can be different color codes such as 9002 and 3009. Colors can be changed according to your preference. Painted trapezoidal sheet widths that you will use as colored facade cladding or roof cladding are produced as 80 cm closure or 100 cm closure. The most used trapezoidal sheet shape is the trapezoidal sheet form, which is 27/200 roll form.

Metalçatı trapez sacı
Metal roof trapezoidal sheet

Painted Trapeze Sheet Thickness

Colorful roofing Before applying the application, we recommend that you know the climatic conditions of the place where you will apply and order a painted or galvanized trapezoidal sheet in the appropriate thickness. Do not forget that the fact that the trapezoidal sheets are painted means that their life is extended. Climatic conditions, namely the frequency of snowfall, and accordingly the thickness of the painted trapezoidal sheet you will apply roofing will also be determined. Colored Roofing  Carrying capacities of trapezoidal sheet metal suitable for hot rope and painted trapezoidal sheet metal suitable for -20 degree weather and snow-bearing properties are different. The carrier feature here changes the thickness of the painted galvanized sheet, which is used more than the painted trapezoidal sheet shape. The standard thickness of the painted trapezoidal sheets is 0.50 mm. According to different climatic conditions, this thickness can go up to 1 mm.

Roofing Prices

Colored Roofing As we mentioned above, the price of cladding and facade cladding will be determined primarily by the climatic conditions of your steel construction structure, then the painted trapezoidal sheet if it is colored, otherwise the galvanized trapezoidal sheet price will be determined. Galvanized trapeze with Painted Trapeze roofing roofing prices (although it varies according to its paint and color), the price per ton changes at a minimum of 100 usd. If we take the average galvanized trapezoidal sheet price as 800 usd for 0.50 mm, the painted trapezoidal sheets exceed 900 usd.

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