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Galvanized Sheet roll steel sheet manufacturers

Galvanized sheet rolls Electrolysis or hot dipping is preferred as production method. in our country Galvanized coil sheet manufacturers It produces with hot-dip galvanized production method. Unlike the electro galvanizing method used in the past years, this is produced by passing cold rolled coils through hot zinc pools. Istanbul, gebze, Iskenderun and Kdz. They are investments made in leading cities in the steel industry such as Ereğli.

Galvanized Sheet Slitting

Galvanized Coil sheets are produced in our country between 0.27 mm and 3 mm. The widths of galvanized coil sheets can be produced from 20 mm to 2000 mm. In fact, galvanized sheet production is produced as 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm as standard. When there is a need for a narrower coil sheet than these dimensions, the coil sheet is cut to the desired size by slitting.

Coil slitting width min 20 mm can be made. Galvanized Sheet metal slitting process varies according to different sizes such as slitting in half, slitting into three, slitting into four. For example, if we assume that our galvanized coil sheet width is 1000 mm in standard size, if 300 mm slitting is to be made, this process can be done with 3 roll slitting blades. Galvanized The narrower the slitting width of the roll to be slit, the higher the number of operations. This roll tape size to be slit is important because the spacing of the slitting blades must be wide enough.

Galvanized Roll Cut To Length

Galvanized sheets can be cut into different lengths as well as in different widths according to their usage areas. Produced in rolls Galvanized sheets roll In our sheet metal cutting facility, you can cut to length in different lengths you want. Standard widths of coiled sheets are 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1250 mm and 1500 mm. As standard size with roll length opening process

  • 1000mm x 2000mm
  • 1200mm x 2400mm
  • 1250mm x 2500mm
  • 1500mm x 3000mm

It can be cut in sizes suitable for any width measure, such as In addition, in our coil sheet cut-to-length line, special size cuts can be made from 500 mm length to 6000 mm length. Galvanized sheets The length cutting process is extremely sensitive. The smallest scratches that may occur on the galvanized sheet surface cause the galvanized coating of the sheet to be damaged and become both aesthetic and open to corrosion in the future.

Galvanized sheet prices

Galvanized sheets are produced from cold rolled coil sheets, as we have mentioned before. By immersing the cold rolled sheets in the zinc pool and coating them with the desired micron zinc. galvanized coil sheets is produced. Galvanized sheetsIt ensures that the life of the zinc material to be coated on the surface is long. Cold rolled sheets that are exposed to corrosion are protected from corrosion for at least 15-20 years by zinc coating. Galvanized sheet prices depend on cold rolled sheet prices and zinc ingot prices. You can find out the galvanized sheet prices on our website Ç or at our customer representatives.

Galvanized Sheets

Galvanized sheets We have said that zinc coating ensures the longevity of the steel. This coating amount, which is usually measured in microns, is calculated in grams per square meter. Currently, Galvanized sheet manufacturers cover the surfaces of galvanized sheets with zinc at a minimum of 50 gr/m2. Although the highest coating is known as 275 gr / m2 in our country, 600 gr / m2, which is a type of plastered galvanization, can also be made. Galvanized sheet surfaceGalvanized sheet price will increase accordingly, as each gram of zinc increase to be applied will increase the galvanized coating price.

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Why are galvanized steel prices high?

Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized hair Galvanized pipes are produced in different sizes in our country. Galvanized pipe prices depend on the prices of galvanized sheets and, of course, the steel prices. Galvanized pipe production It is formed by making standard-width roll sheets, first of all, sliced according to their diameter, by passing them through roll form, that is, pipe forming machines, and then by welding them longitudinally. Since the zinc coating of the longitudinally welded galvanized sheets will be damaged, the bare steel surfaces are covered by zinc spraying method. Again, as in galvanized sheet prices, galvanized pipe prices change daily. You can get support from our website or our customer representatives to learn about galvanized pipe prices.

Galvanized Square Profile

Galvanized box profileIt is produced by two different methods. The most preferred method is the box profile produced from galvanized coil sheet. Galvanized box profiles produced from galvanized sheets with a thickness of up to 2 mm are less costly than other methods in terms of price. Galvanized box profile prices are determined according to the choice of these two methods. from galvanized sheet Galvanized box profiles made are more suitable than the prices of hot-dip galvanized coated box profiles, which is the other galvanized box profile production method. Galvanized sheet prices are more suitable than hot-dip zinc coating prices.

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