What is galvanized sheet? What are the galvanizing methods?

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What is galvanized sheet?

Galvanized sheet It is a zinc coating made to protect galvanized steel materials from corrosion. Steel corrosion occurs when the steel material comes into contact with air or water. The oxidation times of steels also vary according to different atmospheric conditions. Zinc melts at 450 °C. The melting temperature of steel is 1200 °C.

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Why are galvanized steel prices high?

What is hot dip galvanizing, Hot dip galvanizing plants

Galvanizing was first tried by French chemist Melouin in 1742 to protect utensils from corrosion. Italian Luigi Galvani discovered in 1780 that coating can be made by contacting two different metals, which paved the way for the galvanizing process and ultimately derived from the name "galvanizing".

In 1837, Stanislas Sorel applied for the first patent. French Stanislas is also a name for stainless steels. In English, stainless steel is written as Stainless steel.

Hot-dip galvanizing is among the sectors that have received investment in our country in recent years. Galder that is, when we look at the activities and members of the General Galvanizers Association, we see that dozens of companies in Turkey are doing hot dip galvanizing. The size of hot-dip galvanized pools also determines the size of the steel to be galvanized.

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galvanized steel

Galvanizing methods

Hot Dip Galvanizing : hot dip galvanized or HDG (ie hot deep galvanized): The most common method for galvanizing. It takes place in continuous galvanizing lines as the coil sheets pass through the molten zinc pool. steel ppHDG in industry – GI or also called GZR sheet. Erdemir galvanizing The sheets produced in the line are called GZR. Erdemir Galvanized sheet They are referred to by the symbol Gzr. Erdemir Galvanized sheet commercial grades are DX51, DX52, DX53 and DX54. Erdemir Gzr sheets start from 0.20 mm thickness and can be produced up to 2 mm.

Electro Galvanized Coating: It is a zinc coating method, which is quite different from hot-dip galvanizing. It is applied to steel in the zinc electroplating process. With the anode zinc plate, the cathode is steel and the electrolyte is zinc sulfate. In other words, instead of being dipped in zinc, zinc adheres to the electrified sheets, thus producing a galvanized sheet. This Galvanized sheet Although the electricity consumption is very high in the coating method, an excellent result is provided.

Erdemir galvanized sheet It is Turkey's first galvanized sheet producer in the field of coating. In recent years, many private institutions have invested in galvanized sheet production. In fact, Tosyalı Toyo investment, made jointly by Tosyalı Holding with Japanese investors, has become the largest galvanized sheet coating facility in recent years.

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