What is galvanized sheet

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What is Galvanized Sheet

What is galvanized sheet Before answering the question, we need to understand why galvanized sheets are made.

Galvanization has been used for centuries as a corrosion protection method.

Of course, the reason why we want the metal to be protected from corrosion is its lifetime.

There is an average of 50 years between the life of a galvanized steel structure and an uncoated steel structure.

Galvanized sheet In addition to the long life of the steel structure, it also provides an aesthetic appearance.

If desired, it can be coated with galvanized sheet paint with special painting methods.

What is Galvanized Sheet when you look at it; We can say that it is a corrosion-resistant, long-lasting and healthy flat steel product.

Galvanized steel sheets can be used in many different sectors.

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Galvanized Sheet Usage Areas

It should be noted that the usage areas of galvanized sheet are very wide-ranging. But if we look at the sectors that mainly use galvanized sheet

  • automotive industry
  • machinery industry
  • Ship industry
  • construction industry
  • white goods industry
  • construction structures
  • small household goods manufacturers
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • …..

It is used by many sectors such as

Galvanized Sheet Quality

Galvanized sheets Their quality varies according to usage areas.

As an example, DX54 should be preferred in deep plastering galvanized sheet quality.

In addition, commercial quality galvanized sheets are called DX51.

DX51 is the most consumed galvanized sheet quality that is constantly in stock.

DX51 Galvanized sheet quality is available in stock, preferably 100 gr/m2 coated.

Pre-order is required for 275 gr/m2 coated galvanized sheet.

You can order galvanized sheet metal according to the size and coating characteristics of your projects, since mainly 275 gr/m2 will not be in stock.

Galvanized sheet What you need to specify before ordering

  • Galvanized sheet quality
  • Galvanized sheet coating thickness
  • Galvanized sheet thickness
  • Galvanized sheet width
  • If the galvanized sheet is a coil, the weight of the coil
  • Galvanized sheet quantity
  • Galvanized sheet packaging
  • Galvanized sheet plate length (If you want cut-to-length sheet instead of coiled sheet)

It consists of different parameters.

If you are going to order from a factory like Erdemir or Çolakoğlu, the minimum galvanized sheet amount will be 56 tons for a single thickness and galvanized sheet quality.

The weight of each of the coils in your 56 tons galvanized sheet order varies between 10 and 12 tons on average.

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